How to hire the maid for clearing services for your home

Hiring the maid for the cleaning service from our company is very easy procedure. You need to login to our website and request for a quote for cleaning maid service. We will send you out the quote and terms for the service. Once you are satisfied with the quote we can establish the direct open communication. Since letting others to clean your property is not a easy decision to make, we honor that decision and have designed several plans which will suit the customer requirement and satisfaction There is no hassles like signing the contract form and all. We will provide the quote and once you are satisfied with that we will establish communication and then send person to clean.

During Maid service Coeur d’Alene , most people will do initial deep cleaning to start and then switch to routine cleaning in the frequency that suits the customers convenience. First time cleaning will be always very intense as we will bring your house to sparkling clean standards. We are very flexible and if you want to clean and concentrate only on the high dirt areas where the dirt gets accumulated frequently we will be also happy to do that alone. For us customer satisfaction is more important. We don’t use tools such as dust wands and dust mops which spreads dirt from one place to another. We use environmental friendly tools and techniques to clean the house. We ensure the house is cleaned not only on the surface but also very deep down as well.  House owners love this attention to detail.

We encourage our customers to provide the feedback about our services after the initial clean up to know what need to be improved in the next routine cleaning. In this way we ensure that customers are kept happy and they will be ready to offer feedback and area of improvement. If you don’t have enough time or feel it’s too tiresome job to be done in frequent intervals you can always call the cleaning maid service. We will be more than happy to help you out in the house cleaning services.