Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are your tiled surfaces looking aged and dingy? Tiles surfaces are in fact significantly durable and can last for several decades. But, to enjoy this advantage, you should ensure that the tiled surfaces are cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals, preferably with help from professional tile and grout cleaning service providers. Using the right techniques and products are important to get the desired results from you tile and grout cleaning exercise.

Sweeping and vacuuming at regular intervals can remove dust, dirt and debris from your floor and other tiled surfaces. Have you noticed that your domestic vacuum cleaner also is fitted with a beater brush? If you turn it off while vacuuming, you can avoid scratches on the tiles. Post vacuuming you can also use dry mopping to get rid of any dust that still remains on your floor. Cleaning tiles with a mixture of water and mild dish wash detergent generally can keep your tiles shining and to enhance the outcome, you can use soap with the mop and follow it up with clean water mopping. Allow air drying of the tiles before normal traffic brings in more dirt. As for the stains, though most tiles are stain resistant, you are better off addressing the stains quickly than allowing the liquid to seep through the porous tile and grout.


Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is somewhat different from tile cleaning, particularly because grout is porous and therefore prone to gather stains and dirt quickly compared to the tiles around the grout. The grouts can be cleaned once a week using a toothbrush and warm water.  You can also use a mixture of water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio to remove stubborn dirt and grease from the grout. Chlorine bleach and commercial cleaners can do more harm than good to the grout and tiles. Therefore, avoiding these will help you prevent deterioration and preserve integrity of the surface.

Melbourne Carpet and Tile Cleaning is a reputed Australian business with a team of experienced and expert professionals who can provide tile and grout cleaning using high end professional equipment and cleaning products.

Although these regular cleaning exercises do help in keeping your tiles and grout clean to an extent, there are several advantages when you choose a professional tile and grout cleaning service at least at yearly or, more preferably, half yearly intervals. Grout is pores and it promotes accumulation of dirt, spills, and grime causing discoloration of the tile surface. When you hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service, they can remove all the hidden contaminants from the grout through hot water extraction and that helps in restoring the luster of your tiled surfaces. Apart from the embedded dirt, grime and grease, hot water extraction will also help in eliminating all allergens from the grout. Other benefits from professional tile and grout cleaning include:-

  • Pre-cleaning inspection to consider the type of tiles and determine cleaning products and process that can best address your specific needs. Professionals will also inspect the grout thoroughly and reveal any potential damage before undertaking necessary repairs.
  • Specialized chemicals will be used to clean the grout and scrub lines between tiles. Through this process, dirt particles grounded and trapped inside the pores of the grout will also be removed. This is also one part of the task that most DIY practices cannot address.
  • Specialized equipments employed by the professionals are more effective and often unavailable to home owners.  These machines can force steaming hot water into the tile grout during the cleaning process to eliminate dirt.
  • Post cleaning inspection of the tiles will ensure that the job has been completed without leaving room for complaints.
  • The grout and the tiles will be dry in just a few hours
  • Whatever be the type of tiles and size of your room or rooms, the job can be completed in a few hours. Opposed to this, you may spend significantly more time with a DIY and you need to factor in exigencies that may force you to leave the job half way through. The quality of a DIY job is not comparable to a professional job.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning can Enhance the Life of your Tiles

Professional tile and grout cleaning brings great looks, but that is only a part of your benefits. More importantly, it enhances the life of your tiled surfaces eliminates many allergens and contaminants that stay embedded within the grout potentially weakening the grout and thereby the stability of your tiles itself. The cleaning products used by the professionals are another area of concern because all cleaning products are not similar. Professionals can identify the right type of product matching the type of tiles and grout. As a home owner you do know that there are several types of tiles like ceramic, travertine, limestone, porcelain etc and when it comes to cleaning products, it is not one cure for all ills.  Similarly, some areas in the kitchen or baths may be inaccessible and can go without attention when you are doing a DIY job. The professionals on the other hand can effectively take charge and ensure that every nook and corner receives proper attention.

In some instances, post cleaning, grout may need further attention in terms of repairs and recolouring. In most situations, this part of the job is best handled by professionals.

Consider Your Physical Limitations

Life in today’s fast paced world is very competitive and finding quality time for household chores is a huge challenge. Add to this, the fact that the type of work that most of us are engaged in today, does not give much room for flexibility of the body parts. For most part of the work day, we are glued to the seat and therefore, suddenly when you choose to bend down on the floor and get your tiles and grout cleaned, you could potentially be inviting more trouble and the resulting pain can put you off work for several days perhaps.

Duct Cleansing –it is not only about Indoor Air High quality

The duct is just one component of the Air Conditioner system that the air you take a breath travels through. The air from your areas is attracted into the A/C system, travels through the blower fan, is attracted across the air conditioning coils, and just after that is displaced through the air duct system and back into the areas.

Clean duct helps Air Conditioning system effectiveness

Houston air duct cleaning has one major advantage of supposed “duct cleansing.” A vital advantage of a clean Air Conditioning system (specifically with the high rate of electricity today) is that it enhances the energy performance of your system. The largest area of problem is the air conditioning, or evaporator, coils. These are the coils that you do not see, the ones that are up in the attic room or anywhere the almost all of your Air Conditioning system occurs to be. The coils you see outside your residence, the condenser coils, are different. The air in your home never overlooks these coils.

The area in between the tubes obtains obstructed with particles and then there is much less space for the air to pass through. When they were clean, your A/C has to run longer to get the same quantity of air to the air conditioning coils as it did. Much less warmth and wetness are being removed from the air because the dust is, in fact, avoiding the air from can be found in acall with the “cool” coils.

Do not lose cash on insufficient air duct cleansing.

You could see that specifically in damp environments like we have in Houston, air duct cleansing without coil cleansing is not enough to lower your energy use and boost your air high quality. The quantity of wetness condensing on the evaporator coils in our environment makes coil cleansing vital. If you are thinking about air duct cleaning, total HEATING, AND COOLING system cleansing is the only way to go. In our point of view, anything much less is a waste of loan.