How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?


It’s imperative to have the air ducts in your home cleaned if there is significant visible mould growth in any of the components or parts of your heating and cooling system. Sometimes the ducts may also be infested with vermin (rodents and/or insects) and they may as well be clogged with significant amounts of debris. The frequency of cleaning the air ducts depends on several factors.

Before we delve into how often we should clean the air ducts to make our ventilation, HVAC systems efficient, it’s good to know the benefits that come with cleaning these vents. Cleaner air ventilation systems ensure that the atmosphere in your home is ‘pure’, free from dust and other allergenic particles. Research carried out by the Total Health & Better Health Magazine shows that 1 out of every 6 people with allergy-related conditions say that their predicaments are linked to fungi, bacteria, debris and dust particles present in the air duct systems. About 90% of heating and cooling failures is caused by an accumulation of moulds and dust in the vents.

So, some of the factors that determine how often you should clean the air ducts of your heating and cooling system are highlighted below.

Weather Conditions – Changes in weather conditions determines when and how often should you clean the ducts of the registers, diffusers, drip pans, fan motors and heat exchangers. If you reside in an area subjected to severe climatic conditions (hot and humid) then you need to clean the vents and air ducts more frequently. Humid air encourages the growth of moulds in the ducts. Winds often leave airborne particles such as dust inside the ducts. So a windy, hot and humid weather means that air ducts and vents should be cleaned regularly.

Pets – Another prominent element that clogs air ducts is pet hair. If there are shedding pets in your home, their dander will eventually make their way into the air ducts through the air that is circulated by the ventilation system. So, if you’ve highly shedding pets in your home, cleaning the system frequently is paramount.

Home Construction & Remodelling – A recent renovation or even construction of your home makes an imperative consideration for the HVAC system cleaning. Also, if you’re relocating to a new house, it is crucial to check the ducts because you never what it’s inside them. Construction projects spread sawdust throughout the home and it’s almost impossible to keep away the dust from soiling the ductwork.

Previous Cleaning Works – It’s normally recommended that you should inspect the air ducts after 3 to 5 years. If a previous cleaning work wasn’t done to the expected standards, the dirt that remained will re-contaminate the entire system within a short time. Therefore, it’s always good to make sure that your system is cleaned to perfection.

Furnaces & Fireplaces – If you’ve a stove, a fireplace or a furnace, it’s to have it inspected every year to ensure that it doesn’t release carbon. Carbon will be circulated by the ventilation system into the ducts where they settle and pile up with time. Otherwise, you might end up cleaning up your air ducts every now and then.

Illness & Smoking – If one of your family has respiratory related complications or an allergy-related condition, air duct cleaning should be a priority at the onset of every season. Moreover, is there’s someone smoking in your home, it’s important to pay a closer look into the air ducts more frequently.

Issues with the Cooling & Heating System – An efficient system is characterised by consistent and smooth air flow. It’s time to clean the HVAC system, if air flow from the ducts is greatly reduced, then the vents must be clogged with either debris, pet dander, or dust. Also, when registers get clogged up with debris, it’s time to clean them.

Smelly Odour – If there is a smelly odour that you aren’t sure where it is emanating from, check your vents. There may a growth of bacteria or fungi which produces smelly gases. Whenever you suspect the odour is emanating from the air ducts, it’s good to clean them as soon as possible.

So for anyone using the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) to heat and provide fresh air for their home, it is important to clean your vents depending on the aforementioned factors. Remember that you can hire a professional to do this or you can decide to do-it-yourself if you’ve the expertise.

Crystal Chandeliers past and present

The word chandelier brings to mind opulence, extravagance and wealth, but the first of these light fittings were actually simple, cheap and born out of necessity. Originally, chandeliers (the name comes from the french word for candle holders) were wooden crosses suspended from the ceiling. Candles were placed along the timber, dripping wax as they burned. Over the centuries these lights were improved upon, and in medieval times there were large metal constructions hanging on chains in castles and houses of nobility.

In the 16th Century, early rock crystal chandeliers begun to appear. The decoration on these large candle lights was made from transparent quartz and the shapes tended to be irregular and a little rough. From the mid 1700s lead crystal from Bohemia (now named the Czech Republic) was used which could be cut more precisely. Chandeliers were then hung in palaces and churches around the world and represented wealth and status. Louis XIV of France had some fabulously ornate light chandeliers commissioned and the rich of Europe tried to out-style each other with more and more elaborate designs.

Gas lighting in England was introduced in the early 1800s. It took about 50 years before it was trusted enough to be used widely inside homes. Gas chandeliers took the place of candle light fittings and they were seen in grand homes. They were expensive to buy and run, so they were just placed in hallways and in the main entertaining room.

With the introduction of electricity, and with the price of glass more affordable, chandeliers became a lot more commonplace. Today chandeliers are made from a variety of materials in a range of styles and they are fitted in almost every room in the house. They still make a statement in a hallway, especially if the ceilings are high, and they make a beautiful centre-piece in a living room. In the dining room a crystal chandelier can be used to create an intimate atmosphere if hung low and close the table. For a romantic look, these light fittings can be added effectively in the main bedroom with matching, low-watt side tables.  Please visit our website

Understanding the Basics of Garage Door Security

There are a number of points to keep in mind whenever you’re thinking about garage door protection for the home. The first point to consider is the type of garage door that you have installed. As an example, a roll up garage door that is usually a roller shutter variety can provide the exact same sort of safety and security as a typical paneled door, however you should see to it that it is installed properly. You likewise need to take into consideration safety from undesirable parasites, such as computer mice or perhaps also roaming pet dogs. Having a gliding broken garage spring replacement denver, co in position could help in this regard. There are also numerous other points to think about with garage door safety and security, ensuring that your family members is risk-free from unwanted intruders or accident.

The roller shutter selection of garage door is a typical kind, as it will certainly roll up into a cool area on top of the door and also save you above area in the garage for various other uses. It is essential for you to keep in mind, nevertheless, that safety and security must always be taken into consideration whenever setting up one of these doors, along with the family member convenience of having it offered. When mounted correctly, among these roller shutter doors is equally as secure as a paneled door, provided that the code that is utilized in order to run the door itself is set on a rolling pattern to make sure that it cannot be opened up with a global code.

There could additionally be times whenever we desire to have the garage door up for a prolonged period of time. Having a moving garage display door in place during these times can assist to boost your protection, not only from unnecessary human visitors yet additionally from any type of pets that may happen to be in the location also. This is particularly true whenever you make use of the garage consistently and like the added airflow but do not always desire the huge open location which permits simple accessibility.

Ultimately, you wish to make certain that the garage is going to be secure as far as your personal safety and security is worried. Among the best ways to make certain that this is the case is to check the garage door regularly so that you do not have an issue with the springtime’s which the reversing system is constantly running effectively. These are both things that create injury regularly than other in the garage door, and also as lengthy as you recognize that they are operating appropriately, you can have satisfaction.

There is a great deal to garage door safety and security, the truth of the matter is, there are very couples of injuries that take place on a yearly basis from this thing. One of the major problems that you’re going to have, nonetheless, is that the garage typically offers undesirable access to people and pets, particularly when the door is up. From the roller shutter door that will certainly roll up properly out of means to the sliding garage screen door that can be kept in area, also when the major doors up, see to it of the safety and security that is offered around of your home.